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I’m releasing a new album completely free…

…through a one-of-a-kind interactive road trip.

Road Trip

A few years back, after high school and before college, my buddy David and I decided to take a roadtrip from Florida to California. For over six thousand miles, David and I took pictures and made music. It was spectacular. Back then, traveling meant independence, freedom, and getting away. 

Now we’re hitting the road again. This it’s less about getting away from life and more about not letting it get away from us. 

We’re traveling up the east coast towards North Carolina and stopping in eight cities along the way. The destinations are only part of it though…there’s going to be lots of reflection, friends new and old, campfires, hostel rooms, couches, beach campouts, new music, and I’m sure more than a few surprises.

And the trip isn’t just a way for US to find inspiration and new sights, it’s a way to share it with you as well. 

As we go, I’ll send you the songs I make and document the experiences through video. When we get back, the songs will be crafted into an album for us all to take with us. It’s going to be one for the books!

Hop in the car